Yes the bags can be print with your name, logo, address and pictures. 

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Paper bags can be customised in size as per your requirement. We also have ready bags available with us.

There are more than 500 variety of paper available in which we can make paper bags as per your requirement.

Our paper bags are suitable for weight of upto 4 KGs.

There are different varieties of paper bags handle such as tipped rope, satin ribbon, premium twisted rope, paper handle  to make your bag look more attractive.

The Minimum Order Quanity (MOQ) is 1000 bags for the  customised bags and 
MOQ is 100 bags in ready-made paper bags. 

Yes paper bags manufactured by Veer & Co. are eco friendly. 


Paper bags are often considered more eco-friendly than plastic bags due to several key factors:

  1. Biodegradability: Paper bags decompose much faster than plastic bags, reducing their impact on the environment
  2. Recyclability: Paper bags are widely accepted in recycling programs and can be repurposed into new paper products.
  3. Reduced Pollution: The production and disposal of paper bags typically result in less environmental pollution compared to plastic bags, which contribute to ocean pollution and harm marine life.

A minimum of 10-15 business days are required for customised paper bags.
Ready-made paper bags are immediately available. You can pick them up at your connivence or opt for delivery. (delivery charges included)

You can do online transfer via NEFT, IMPS or deposit cheque or cash in our bank account. You can also pay cash in person.

We can deliver paper bags and other paper products across India. 

No cash on delivery (COD) is not available. 

We make paper bags in 100gsm to 300gsm paper. 

Yes, paper bags manufactured by Veer & Co  are durable. In addition we place additional support bottom at the bottom of bag for extra support.